AL Environmental Services Ltd

  Environmental consultanty services


AL Environmental Services provides expert and relevant environmental advice and management options, using over 25 years experience of working in civil engineering and 10 years in the education sector

Examples of activities:

  • Implementation of environmental management systems that are project specific or at corporate level  - includies planning, monitoring, auditing and reporting on environmental performance
  • Inte
  • Achieving success in environmental objectives using civil engineering expertise that results in a thorough understanding of design and construction challenges
  • Management of the relationship with regulators on major infrastructure projects -  a key component in the delivery of environmental consents
  • Environmental expertise support during public inquiry
  • Ensuring the adequacy of design to meet environmental requirements- in work streams such as ecology, contaminated land and water resources
  • Provision of environmental training and research for both the private and public secto
  • Environmental audits of construction operations
  • Management of specialist teams and environmental consultants to complete environmental impact assessments and sustainability assessments

In addition to English AL Environmental Services has worked in French and Spanish speaking environments.